Case Managers provide a broad range of direct and in-direct services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Cape Verdean Creole and Wolof to over 12,000 immigrants and non-English speaking individuals in the Greater New Bedford region. The Immigrants’ Assistance Center advises clients of their rights under current law, and guides them toward access to food, clothing, housing and health care.  

The IAC has long-standing relationships with myriad community service organizations that are brought to bear on behalf of IAC clients, depending upon their unique needs and circumstances. Case Managers meet with clients, identify their needs, and direct them where to go if they need to:

Learn the English Language

Get a Job

Find a place to live

Apply for health care

Get medical treatment

Apply for Citizenship

Resolve a legal matter

Go to school or enroll their child in school

Apply for food or housing benefits for their U.S. born child

Secure protection against domestic violence

Find out information about a family member who has been or is being deported

Translate a document and/or interpret a conversation or meeting

Understand current immigration law and policy changes

Apply for legal status such as asylum, specialized visa or green card


Our Case Managers

Our case managers are multi-lingual, speaking six languages, and multicultural, able to fully understand the subtleties of culturally-based dreams and fears.