Board Members

Gus Araujo, Branch Manager at Santander Bank

Robyn Branco, Director of Mission Advancement, YMCA Southcoast

Anne Broholm, CEO, AHEAD, LLC

Robert Caldas, DO Hawthorn Medical Associates

Akeia de Barros Gomes, PhD, Senior Curator of Maritime Social Histories, Mystic Seaport Museum

Jeffrey Pellitier, President, Junior Achievement of Southern Massachusetts

Anna Smith, Advisor to International Scholars, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jennifer Velarde, Esq., Law Office of Jennifer Velarde

Honorary Member: Attorney Frederick Q. Watt


“We try to be the voice of those who are vulnerable in order to help them overcome their challenges and become active members of our society.”

At-risk Youth Case Manager

Help our Immigrant Community Succeed

Help a young person get the resources they need for a bright future.