NEW BEDFORD — The Immigrants’ Assistance Center received a $23,000 capital grant from the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation to establish a technology-based learning environment for English language, citizenship classes, and workplace readiness training.

The IAC and Mass Hire Greater New Bedford Career Center have formed the first Citizenship and Workforce Readiness program, according to a news release. This program will offer new citizens the opportunity to develop job-based computer skills, contribute to the workforce and increase economic mobility.

The IAC’s multi-lingual team of teachers, case managers, tutors and volunteers will take students through all levels of learning. The computer classroom will enable students to take advantage of online tools for learning English and U.S. civics and to practice test- taking in an online environment, as the citizenship test is no longer administered on paper. MassHire will provide computer-based job training in the IAC’s computer classroom.

Learn more at IAC, 58 Crapo St., or contact 508-996-8113 or

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